Interlink Ministries was incorporated on November 30, 1990 as “Friend of Missions.” An application for tax-exempt status was filed on October 9, 1992 and was granted on February 3, 1993. Then on November 5, 1996 the name of the organization was officially changed to Interlink Ministries, Inc.


We are currently facilitating over 90 long-term ministries that serve in 37 countries. Since 1991, we have facilitated over 120 ministries. We have also facilitated numerous short-term projects and local outreach projects.

Our missionaries come from twenty-four states and eight countries. Ten of our members work in a cooperative agreement with other international mission organizations. We receipted 2053 donors in 2013 from all 50 states.

Contribution History

Since 1991 we have grown from a $33,000 organization to $1.9 million.