After The Storm

Gary Snyder  |  United States

Cameroon Tribal Ministries | CMT Project

Cameroon, Africa

Emcompasses two aspects of ministry: 1) Shiloh - a spiritual retreat center  2.) Church plant born in 2019 in the Manguisa Village of Eyene

Esson Project

Jim & Karen Esson  |  United States & International

Experience Missions

Paul & Pamela Kinley  |  United States & International


Himalayan International Mercy - Nepal

Abram Tamang  |  Nepal

Reaching the unreached with the gifts of literacy and caring for the marginalized underprivileged children with the aides for education.

Hispanic Ministry Operations

Dan & Jill Perkins  |  Mexico

JPM (Polen Music Ministry)

Jeff Polen  |  United States

Jubilee Orphanage

Linda Horn  |  Thailand

Jubilee Orphanage hopes to equip a new generation to be capable and willing of serving members of Christian churches in Thailand.

Pickens Project

Carolyn Pickens  |  Liberia

Team Up For Honduras

John & Laurel Leedy and Keith & Flo Ramer  |  Honduras

Worldwide Ministries

David & Sylvia DeJong  |  Africa

Various projects: 1) African church construction project 2) conferences for pastors, church leaders and widows 3) Ministry among American churches