After The Storm

Gary Snyder  |  United States

Aqua Viva Churches

Nicolas Sanchez | United States

To reach non believers with the gift of salvation and discipleship training

Cameroon Tribal Ministries | CMT Project

Cameroon, Africa

Church plant in the Manguisa Village of Eyene

Church of Canton

Aaron & Keitha Brown | United States

Esson Project

Jim & Karen Esson  |  United States & International

Experience Missions

Paul & Pamela Kinley  |  United States & International


Food Fellowship

United States

Hispanic Ministry Operations

Dan & Jill Perkins  |  Mexico

Training and equipping churches and their leaders to reach the disabled and their families for Jesus Christ

JPM (Polen Music Ministry)

Jeff Polen  |  United States

Mexican Missions

Carol Gerber | Mexico & Texas 

Working with churches to serve the Mexico and Texas border with various needs

Pickens Project

Carolyn Pickens  |  Liberia

Serving God's Servants

James DeJong  |  Africa

Helping pastors and missionaries with one time physical needs as God leads and provides, in their time of need.

Shepherd's Table Project

Roy Jay Waggoner | United States


Team Up For Honduras

John & Laurel Leedy and Keith & Flo Ramer  |  Honduras

Worldwide Ministries

Sylvia DeJong  |  Africa

Retired from ministry in Africa, prayer warrior, writer, Bible teacher and encourager as God directs